Photo Walk - Berlin @ Twilight

Everybody takes photos nowadays, especially while traveling. But there's a distinct difference between snapping a quick shot of a landmark and carefully crafting a photograph. The goal of this photowalk through the center of Berlin is to provide you with the basic photographic skill set to capture some of Berlin's most iconic landmarks in the best light. The blue hour is when a city is most photogenic. It's the time of day when natural and artificial light are equally bright and complement each other perfectly.

Did you ever wonder how to capture those cool light-trails or how to get a shot of a famous landmark without any people in it? Well, I will happily share all of the tips and tricks I use myself to capture cityscapes during the blue hour. After providing an overview of the technical aspects of night and cityscape photography, we will dive right into it, apply what we've learned, and test it in the field. This way you will not only end up with some stunning shots for your social media, but also with the knowledge to make your next city trip a photographic success, too.

We will start our photowalk in the epicenter of Berlin, at the world-famous Brandenburg Gate. From here we will either continue on to the Reichstag and the government district to capture some photographs of contemporary architecture, or head down Unter den Linden Street to photograph the Berlin Cathedral and the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt.

Langue: Anglais
Aux alentours de: Berlin
Disponibilités: Every day. Contact me to request a specific date
Durée (en heures): 3 heures
Niveau: Tous niveaux
Thématique: Paysage urbain
Capacité max du groupe: 2
Maintien du cours garanti à partir de: 1 participant
Conditions d'annulation: Remboursement à 100% jusqu'à 7 jours avant le cours
Pré-requis matériel: The only thing you'll need to bring is your own camera - compact or DSLR - with manual mode. Wear comfortable shoes since we will walk quite a bit.
Ce qui est fourni: Up to two tripods

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